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Stand Up For Hydroponic Indoor Gardening and Organic Gardening

Increasing resistance by the police agencies on hydroponic indoor gardening and small-scale organic farming has been a matter of concern for most growers.


B.C., Canada (PressReleaser) August 25, 2011 — Increasing resistance by the police agencies on hydroponic indoor gardening and small-scale organic farming has been a matter of concern for most growers. These norms created by the judiciary, who are shielding behind the claim that hydroponic indoor gardening can pose grim threat to the society due to illicit use of certain high value medicinal crops, are greatly influenced by big agricultural companies and other so-called corporate godfathers.

You might be a happy, tension-free, hydroponic grower who is only into growing organic, legal crops at your house or apartment; particularly those crops that constitute your daily diet and something that your family members love to eat freshly picked from the garden. However, you never know who is keeping an eye on you and when your license plate number has been copied. Many a times, this has happened; and in most cases, nothing was discovered but the poor indoor vegetable farmer had to suffer all the trauma of his house being searched and stripped by the armed officials without any fault.

This opposition and ill feeling towards hydroponics growers and small-scale organic farmers have developed into a raging flame in the hearts of many innocent farmers. The famous incident of forced eviction at South Central Farm, a flourishing 14-acre urban farm and community garden in Los Angeles, is an apparent example. Ralph Horowitz, a partner in the former property owner Alameda-Barbara, did not consider community’s hard work to supply itself in a joint multicultural organic gardening endeavor and ordered eviction of the farmers. The family members of South Central farmers fought fearlessly to defy the armed attack. Even the organic gardening activists, scholars, human rights advocates and others joined hands to protest Horowitz’s moves to devastate the farm but nothing happened. Los Angeles government officials were silent spectators as they had settled a deal with Horowitz, in a closed-door session. Due to the selfishness of one more corporate law enforcer, an organic farm was lost; and why — just because he wanted to build a warehouse and a distribution center on the bulldozed site.

All these events have led to a new rise, addition of a new chapter in the book of hydroponic and organic farming. It is not only about giving good healthy nutritious food to our community but it is also a way of revolting against forces which are trying to evict organic and hydroponic indoor gardens.

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