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Pimsleur Approach Review Website Gaining Immense Popularity

Offers Detailed Review Of Pimsleur Approach Language Training Method


New York, New York (PressReleaser) May 11, 2013 — The Pimsleur Approach Review Website ( has been into the news lately for quite some time and seen a sharp increase in number of visitors in the recent past. The site offers detailed reviews of Pimsleur approach when it comes to language training along with the related pros and cons.

When contacted, El Bey, the founder of the site said, “I am extremely pleased with the kind of result the site is generating and hope to achieve the same in the times to come as well. I believe that honest and original first hand perspective of the method is what is driving people interested in learning other languages to the site.” According to the sources, El Bey owns the products and uses it before writing the review.

Sources also confirmed that the author offers critique and comparison of the same to Rosetta Stone products as well. He added, “Many people begin learning a new language yet don’t have the time or the resources to finish. Somewhere along the way, they just stop and never continue. This review breaks down why the Pimsleur Approach has a definitive resolution for this commonality. The site is very easy to navigate and also offers videos that give a thorough breakdown on the science on how it works and why it is effective. In modern times, the world is becoming increasingly diverse every day and even just having basic knowledge in a foreign language adds great value to ones character and resume. Learning a new language used to be daunting and extremely challenging but not anymore!”

The site is offering a number of additional benefits including a discount coupon code that can be used at Pimsleur’s site to get 25 percent off the price on a purchase.

The Pimsleur website offers language courses in over 50 languages along with a free 30 minute video for people to understand the details about their product and clear any doubts they might have in their mind. The site also offers a 30 day money back guarantee for the unsatisfied clients. Some of the languages one can opt to learn include Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese among others.

About Pimsleur Approach Review Website
The Pimsleur Approach Review Website provides honest first hand reviews of Pimsleur products to learn different languages. The review niche blog is managed by 24 year old El Bey. The author is an environmental engineer, a musician, music producer and a web developer.

Contact Information
Contact Person: El Bey
Address: New York, NY 10031