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Montessori Preschool Serving Near Buena Park City

Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy, a reputable school originally based in Fullerton, California,


(PressReleaser) October 28, 2012 — Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy, a reputable school originally based in Fullerton, California, is now serving those in the Buena Park area in the hopes of providing more children with high quality Montessori education.

The staff of this Montessori school is anticipating a large number of Buena Park City students to enroll on their campus, as statistics show that many parents would prefer their children to receive a Montessori type of education. The educational services that Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy will provide include daycare, various after-school programs, kindergarten, and elementary academics, both preschool and toddler. Adhering to the parameters of the teaching system originally created by Doctor Maria Montessori, the school prides itself on its small class sizes and specialized and personalized curriculum that will provide children with skills and knowledge they can use in their day-to-day lives.

Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy is also rightfully proud of their credentialed Montessori teachers who have Ami/AMS for their respective classroom age groups. The school provides them with professional development training on a regular basis to ascertain and ensure that they have the most updated skills and knowledge with which to hone students and to bring out the best in their capabilities. They also utilize the most inspirational Montessori teaching methods, which emphasize respect, independence, responsibility, organization, self-motivation and cooperative learning environment.

The school is also committed to providing special, individual attention to all its students based on their age groups. To achieve this, the children spend three years in the same classroom with the same teacher. With this long-term student-teacher relationship and day-to-day observation, the teacher will be able to understand every child’s strengths and weaknesses. The staff also believes that once they are adapted to the classroom environment, they will feel comfortable and secure, thus creating an optimal learning environment.

The school also boasts that their average students attain scores above the national average, while their high achievers remain in the top five percent of their graduating class at any other school. As far as college education is concerned, the school’s statistics show that 100% of their graduating alumni attend four-year courses at well-known universities.

With Arborland Montessori Children Academy’s expansion of service to the Buena Park area, there is sure to be an influx of new students from parents who wish to enroll their children there.

Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy is one of the leading schools in the Fullerton area, providing first-class Montessori education to different age groups. For years, they have been honing the skills and knowledge of students to make them top achievers.

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Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy
Fullerton, California, USA