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Meredith Alvaro Announces a Rise in Test Scores

As a result of working with Meredith Alvaro in the area of Language Arts Literacy, many New Jersey Public Schools saw increases across the board on the NJASK 2012.


New Jersey (PressReleaser) February 09, 2013 — Meredith Alvaro has worked to build a better strategy for many students when it comes to the statewide NJASK standardized tests in New Jersey. Meredith Alvaro is also a literacy specialist in many New Jersey school districts and got her start teaching as a tenured NYC public school teacher at PS 116 in Manhattan’s former District 2. Meredith Alvaro applied these skills and her ability to craft easy to understand and also easy to teach curriculums to build NJASK preparation courses that will help students get a better handle on the exams.

Meredith Alvaro is an extremely talented teacher, with a skill at turning the hard facts of education in compelling and interesting curriculums for her students. Meredith Alvaro has served as a literacy consultant for years, helping students learn to read and write. Meredith Alvaro’s ability to build and support solid curriculums and her can-do spirit have helped propel many New Jersey schools forwards. Meredith Alvaro has also brought this skill for teaching to both general and special education, as well as in English language learners.

With her lessons underway, Meredith Alvaro’s curriculums have seen an increase across the board in test scores from students taking the NJASK standardized test. The NJASK is seen as a mark of overall educational skill, so the rise in scores means a rise in the educational quality within the school district. If the NJASK scores stay at this current rise, New Jersey could be well on its way to becoming one of the higher-level educational programs in the country.

Meredith Alvaro is also a well known supporter of literacy instruction across districts nationwide, bringing her craft to New York and New Jersey schools. First, Meredith Alvaro was a tenured NYC public schools teacher for PS 116 in Manhattan’s District 2. Meredith Alvaro has also worked as a literacy specialist in New Jersey, teaching reading and writing to students. Her work has also involved teaching strategies to support student achievement on the NJASK test and Meredith Alvaro has found a way to complete that task while keeping the level of educational quality in her school districts of employment high. In addition, Meredith Alvaro has served as a Director of Student Teaching in Elementary Inclusive Preservice at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

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