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AllTranscript.Com Transcription to Offer Custom Digital Transcription In Illinois have announced a special interview transcription package for Illinois based customers. Under this package, customers will be able to enjoy free transcription hours and discounts.


Chicago,Illinois (PressReleaser) December 26, 2012 — Transcription website Transcription will be introducing special interview transcription(!interview-transcription/c1lbg
) packages for the state of Illinois going into the New Year of 2013. As a part of the special package, customers located in State of Illinois looking to avail interview transcription will be given high discounts normally given to contractual end customers. Also a few lucky customers will be awarded free transcription audio hours without any restriction on them.
The company specializes in legal transcription and general category transcription. General transcription is divided according the type of media being transcribed – Interviews, focus group meetings, seminars, dictation, public speech, telephonic calls and conferences. Transcription companies charge on per minute of audio basis.

John Matthew, a senior transcriptionist employeed with the company shares the details. “Recently we had announced our plans of opening a new office at Chicago business district. Going forward with this, we have introduced our special interview transcription packages only for customers hailing from Illinois. Under this scheme, new customers will be given discounts much higher than regular discounts without any commitment requirements. For example, anyone who needs a 1 hour digital audio transcribed, we will offer our services at a discount of 35%. These discounts will be valid till the month of March. This is the first time that the company is offering such high discounts. Many of our bulk order customers don’t enjoy such low rates. So I feel Illinois customers should make the most of this rare transcription package.”

He further adds, “We also be giving free transcription hours to randomly chosen customers. To qualify for this, one needs to’s twitter( page and tweet us a message. 1 lucky person will be given free transcription hours which they can then avail at any time in during the year.”

Chicago being the third largest city in terms of population, also has several universities. There are 35 plus universities in the region many of these offer PHD research degree’s in Arts, Computer Sciences, Academia, Astronomy etc. As a part of their course requirements students are required to research on a top and then prepare a thesis dissertation. Data is collected by various methods, one of the most popular one being conducting interviews with eminent people belonging to their research field. These interviews are then transcribed and the results from the interview transcripts are included as a part of the final project report.

A major business of transcription companies comes from university students and academicians looking to transcribe these interviews. plans to tap the academic transcription niche and offer their special package to some all major Chicago universities including DePaul University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Lewis University and Loyola University.
Melissa Mayer, specialist in academic transcription and an employee of the company add, “PHD research students and Lecturers who will be requiring a transcriber in the coming months must utilize our service package discount for maximum benefits. Students will yield the most benefit from the scheme”

The company will be introducing the special package starting 1st of January,2013. More information is available on the company’s website.


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